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I am finding it hard to keep my website updated with current creations. 

I decided rather than giving up my website, I have added my Instagram feed to this site. 

It will now be updated as I post to my Instagram.

If you would like to purchase any of my creations, or have any questions,

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My name is Dessa Rae Greenwood. I am 68 years old and I have been making dolls since 1978, and I have been sculpting since 1990.  I have been creating Reborns since 2003.



I am a self taught artist, learning by trial and error.  I have received two Dolls Magazine Awards of Excellence nominations, once in 1995 and again in 1997.



I have received the Froud Artist of the Month award for May 2007. My dolls have had the honor of being featured in many doll publications over the years.



When I am not making dolls I am busy with my wonderful husband of 49 years, my beautiful children (all grown), and my 11 precious grandchildren.



I love to make jewelry and I love to belly dance. I can get lost in the antique shops, and I love to participate in the local doll shows in my state. I participated in the New York Toy Fair for two years and I also participated in the Doll and Teddy Bear Expo in Washington D.C. for two years.



I love the feeling I get when I hold my  creations in my hands and know that they started out as a thought and finished as a Beautiful Work of Art.



It makes me happy to sell my creations, and to know that my art is going to a good home.



I tell everyone I know that you are never too old to play with dolls.

Dessa Rae Original Art

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